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  • BEST Transformer contracts EOS for transformer assembly at FAIR project

    EOS has been contracted by BEST Transformer for the ready-to-operate assembly of their transformers at the FAIR particle accelerator site…

  • Electrical Oil Services Mobile Unit

    EOS® Premium – Next Generation Regenerated Insulating Oil

    EOS® Premium meets IEC 60296:2020 and is an ecologically sound and sustainable alternative compared to new unused mineral insulating oils.

  • Electrical Oil Services celebrates 20th anniversary

    Electrical Oil Services (EOS) is celebrating its 20th anniversary.

  • EOS experts at EOS service unit.

    Circular economy: Stop wasting valuable transformer insulating oil

    EOS in Transformer Magazine 01/2019: Learn more about the EOS Continental Europe expansion strategy and the new service offerings.

  • Trafolube oil tanks at Duisburg plant.

    HCS Group acquires Trafolube

    HCS Group strengthens its EOS transformer oil service business with the acquisition of Trafolube GmbH, thus taking another step in…

  • HCS Group takes over transformer technology division and strengthens insulating oil services business

    With the acquisition HCS Group strengthens its expanding German and European EOS insulating oil services business.

  • EOS Gold Sponsor at TLM 2018 – Registration open

    Register for the 12. TLM conference on Sept 24-25 in Neuss, D, and benefit from the expertise of key industry…

  • EOS Customer Seminar “New (Re)Generation Options for Transformer Oils” on September 27 2018 in Arras, France

    Register today: The EOS customer seminar focuses on various possibilities to effectively manage insulating oil of transformers with most modern…

  • EOS tanker off-loading Used Transformer Oil

    EOS “Closed-Loop”-Model for Transformer Oil Regeneration

    With the smart EOS “closed-loop” model, EOS is supporting the industry to meet the required objectives. Through best practices, used…

  • When it comes to transformer oil regeneration EOS can lead the way

    Building on six years of experience working closely with UK Distribution Network Operators, EOS has developed safe systems of work…