EOS announces Electrol- High Grade Reclaimed Transformer Oil

EOS announces Electrol- High Grade Reclaimed Transformer Oil
2nd February 2017 Katie Brundrett



The ELECTROL production plant at our Ellesmere Port production facility.

ELECTROL – The next generation Reclaimed Insulating Oil.

Ticking all the boxes for sustainability, price stability, consistent quality and “greenness” our traditional Reclaimed Insulating Oil continues to be used by our customers for all aspects of high voltage transformer and switchgear maintenance.

With a massive centralised feedstock “pooling” system, EOS remains uniquely placed within the UK to offer consistent, reliable, fit for purpose recycled insulating oil that meets the requirements of BS148:2009.

We at EOS have demonstrated an ethos of continuous improvement over many years and, to that end, we are proud to announce the next generation in Reclaimed (Recycled) Insulating Oil. EOS ELECTROL is a High Grade Reclaimed Insulating Oil produced from carefully selected used insulating oils which are treated to meet BS148:2009 AND the requirements as set out in IEC60296:2012.

As a result you can confidently use ELECTROL as a direct replacement for Unused (New) oil in all your on-site maintenance activities. So whether it’s transformer oil changes, top ups, tapchanger or switchgear maintenance ELECTROL will fit the bill.

Some headline specifications are shown here:

Water content (ppm) <30 (typically <10)
Breakdown voltage (kV) >30 (typically >60)
Acidity (mgKOH/g) <0.01
Oxidation stability (164hrs) <1.2 mgKOH/g total acidity

<0.8% sludge

PCB content (ppm) Non detectable
Potential corrosive sulphur (62535) Negative

For more information on our products and services contact:

Our Sales Manager on +44 (0) 7966 437567 or email ABartram@h-c-s-group.com