EOS presents paper at Doble Conference

EOS presents paper at Doble Conference
11th November 2016 Sandra Zirm

EOS presented a paper at this year’s “EuroDoble” Conference looking at on site treatment options for transformer oil and transformer life extension.

The Abstract reads :

This paper seeks to review the history of insulating oil management (oil and paper) beginning with an historical perspective, expectations and how oil monitoring and maintenance standards have changed over the years.

Consider how paper insulation determines the ultimate life of the transformer and how the degradation of insulating oil in service reduces the mechanical strength of the paper.

What are the pressures facing todays transformer owners?

Do transformer owners have to take action when oil is “poor” or not?

If so when and what options?

With Electrical Oil Services at the forefront of insulating oil supply and management for well over 60 years the author draws on his and the experience of former colleagues to try and put all this in perspective, ending with some worked examples of in-situ oil regeneration carried out with the intention of improving the transformers health and extending their potential life.

Read the full paper HERE or to view the PowerPoint Presentation click HERE