EOS High Grade – for transformers and switch gear.

EOS Premium Grade

Premium Grade Regenerated Transformer Oil (BS148:2009) for transformers and switchgears

At EOS, we remain committed to the electricity supply industry and the future of insulating oil recycling demonstrated through our long history of continuous product and service improvement. As a result, we’ve developed Electrol, a Reclaimed Insulating Oil that meets the exacting requirements set out in the Unused Insulating Oil Specification IEC 60296

What does it do?

Use Electrol with confidence as part of your maintenance activity as an alternative to unused (new) insulating oil e.g. switchgear oil changes, tapchanger maintenance, PCB oil changes etc.

  • The green alternative to Unused Oil
  • “As New” properties – meets the performance requirements of IEC 60296
  • Uninhibited or inhibited options
  • Price stable
  • Secure supply

Things to remember

Electrol can be delivered in bulk road tankers, 205 litre steel drums, 25 litre plastic containers or 1,000 litre IBCs by special request.

Electrol, like traditional Reclaimed Oil is not water white but pale straw in colour, this is due to the higher levels of natural sulphurs that, along with the oil’s aromatic content ensures good, oxidation stability (resistance to heat and oxygen in service).

Electrol is PCB free and completely without additives


Water content (mg/kg)<30 (typically <10)
Breakdown voltage (kV)>30 (typically >60kV)
Acidity (mgKOH/g)<0.01
Oxidation stability (164hrs)<1.2 mgKOH/g total acidity < 0.8% sludge
PCB content (ppm)Non detectable


Our Services

It’s our extensive experience in the (in-situ) treatment, storage and supply of insulating oil that gives our customers peace of mind when it comes to the quality and standard of our services.

Our Products

Not only do we supply unused and regenerated insulating oil, but we also provide a range of robust complimentary products.

Get In Touch

Our people are passionate about what they do, giving honest, pure, expert advice on a subject they know inside and our.

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