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Education, training and guidance

The customer was a major UK high-voltage contractor based in the South of England. Their team team reported low breakdown voltage and high water content in some drums of Reclaimed Oil that EOS had recently supplied.

The EOS team always responds in the first instance by asking the customer to segregate the drums and any others with the same batch number, then to ensure they have enough oil to complete their planned work. If there is a shortfall we will always use a courier to send additional drums to site free of charge at this stage.

EOS customer services then contacted the relevant EOS Engineer who made a site visit and met with engineers and other fitting staff who were involved in similar work.

Following detailed discussions it seemed likely that poor sampling and or site testing was to blame so EOS spent the rest of the day demonstrating and training staff on the use of a glass sample thief to get a representative sample from the drum. Time was spent on practical issues surrounding the use of breakdown voltage equipment, again, to avoid erroneous results from improper use of the test equipment. Finally instruction and guidance was given on oil management including drum storage.