We offer a comprehensive range of insulating oil related products and work in partnership with our clients to share our knowledge and expertise on what works best.

Electrical Insulating Oils

EOS® Premium Regenerated Transformer Oil

At EOS, we remain committed to the future of insulating oil recycling throughout Europe and the United Kingdom. Building on our “CLOSED LOOP” model we have developed EOS® Premium, a regenerated insulating oil meeting the operational requirements of IEC60296:2012 – “Unused mineral insulating oils for transformers and switchgear”.

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Unused Uninhibited Mineral Insulating Oil

EOS stores around 2 million litres of unused uninhibited mineral insulating oil, meeting the modern and exacting standard IEC 60296:2012, NGTS 3.3.1 and most other national and international standards.

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Unused Inhibited Mineral Insulating Oil

EOS stores around 2 million litres of unused inhibited mineral insulating oil meeting, the modern and exacting standard IEC 60296:2012, NGTS 3.3.1 and most other national and international standards.

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Reclaimed Uninhibited Insulating Oil

Electrical Oil Services Ltd (EOS) and its ancestor companies have been producing Regenerated Insulating Oil to BS148 for more than 60 years. This provides the UK electricity supply industry, and large industrial energy users, with a sustainable alternative to resource depletion caused by the consumption of unused oil from refiners. In doing so many millions of litres of used insulating oil have been kept within the “recycling loop” and not lost to burning or other single use applications.

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Electrilo Heavy

Unfortunately, this product is discontinued and stocks are exhausted. This page remains to provide information for customers with stocks of Electrilo Heavy. Please phone customer services on 0845 602 1003 to discuss other product options.

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Special Switch Oil

Special switch oil is formulated to meet the needs of pole-mounted auto-reclosing line isolators, where rapid opening of switch contacts is required, under even the coldest conditions, and where many repeated operations may occur between services. It therefore has a low viscosity and a low pour point.

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Insulating oil passivator concentrate is supplied in bulk (by road tanker), 205 litre steel drums or 25 litre plastic containers.

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Insulating oil inhibitor concentrate is supplied in bulk (by road tanker), 205 litre steel drums or 25 litre plastic containers.

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Silicone Fluid

EOS Silicone Transformer Liquid is a polydimethyl silicone liquid that is suitable for transformers and other electrical equipment designed to operate at high temperatures or at very low temperatures.

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Midel Synthetic Ester

Midel is the world’s leading brand of ester-based dielectric fluids and is chosen by utilities and transformer manufacturers worldwide because of its excellent track record and ability to minimise risk.

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Ancillary Products

205L Drum Cover

The EOS 205L drum cover is a tight fitting lid that prevents rain and debris from settling on the top of the drum.

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Acidity Testing Solution

The EOS acidity testing solution is produced to enable a simple estimation of the acidity of insulating oils to be carried out in the field.

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Drum Key

This purpose-designed tool removes tab-seals and 2″ and ¾” bungs from drums.

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Glass Sampling Thief

The EOS glass sampling thief is used for taking a representative sample of oil from the bottom of a 205 litre steel drum, a 25 litre plastic container or oil filled switchgear.

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Transformer Oil Sampling Toolkit

The EOS Transformer Oil Sampling Kit is designed to help you obtain a transformer oil sample from transformer bottom valves with threads up to 2” BSP.d.

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Switch Contact Compound

Switch Contact Compound is a smooth textured electrical contact grease used for sliding and simple static contacts to improve conductivity and separation during operation.

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Training DVD

The Art of Transformer Oil Sampling Training DVD – EOS has a professionally produced, 25-minute, general electrical oils training video. It contains much useful advice and information on insulating oil storage, handling, sampling and testing.

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Lint Free Wipes

Lint free wipes are fibre free, non-hygroscopic polypropylene cloths, ideal for wiping, oil handling, sampling and laboratory equipment.

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UTO Labels

Used transformer oil labels are free issue to customers wishing to return their used transformer and switchgear oil to EOS.

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Test Tubes

EOS crackle test tubes can be used to perform a crackle test.

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Bunded Pallets

Bunded pallets are used for storing drums on site where spillage is a concern. EOS bunded pallets are available for hire for a small charge.

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Empty Containers

New 25 Litre Plastic Containers

New 25L plastic containers can be used for the return of used Insulating oil to EOS for reclamation, or where customers are decanting from a larger bulk storage point for ease of use at site.

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New 205L Steel Drums

New 205L steel drums are used for the temporary storage (i.e. less than 1 day) of small quantities of insulating oil that has been removed from transformers or switchgear to facilitate servicing.

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Reconditioned 205L Drums

Reconditioned drums are used for the return of used insulating oil for reclamation (or, where necessary, disposal).

Guaranteed structurally sound reconditioned drums are NOT covered by the EOS Quality Control system and therefore should not be used for temporary storage of insulating oil – e.g. to facilitate maintenance activities.

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