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Specialised oil testing


The customer was a major steel manufacturer in the North East of England, who made initial contact with EOS as a result of a high voltage contractor working on the site, who requested an oil change on a 3,500 litre 11kV transformer.

Unfortunately the customers oil test results were not detailed enough, so EOS made arrangements to visit their site to take additional samples where our team met the site engineer and discussed oil sampling and testing in some detail.

The team at EOS then scheduled a follow up meeting with the customer in order to better explore the site and organise future testing procedures. This resulted in all of the transformers on the site being classified by levels of “importance” to the site owner, with bespoke testing regimes devised for each level of “importance”. The final step was to survey all of the sample points across the site and offer advice regarding valve modifications.

The customer now understands what lies behind the analysis, has clear guidelines on which transformers need more specialised analysis, and has been able to make use of the EOS Engineering staff to gather advice and further guidance through the process.