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Transformer installation


The customer was a major UK OEM.

Transformers were due to be installed at a brand new CCGT power station in the North West of the UK. However, due to technical construction delays the transformers had been stored under dry air for longer than the recommended 6 months and so cost effective options were needed to fill the transformers whilst not invalidating the warranty.

EOS met with the customer and two areas were identified:

1. The need for extended vacuum

2. High quality, efficient filling and circulation with modern Mobile Processing Units (MPUs)

In order to apply vacuum to <1mbar it is usual to supply an MPU to site complete with a crew of two operators. EOS advised the customer that we had recently purchased a stand alone vacuum pump of similar specification to those found on a standard EOS MPU, we were also in the process of fitting remote operation and monitoring so no need for men on site.

The Mobile Vacuum Unit (MVU) was successfully used, to the delight of the customer who could demonstrate extended vacuum at <1mbar, and at minimal cost.

The EOS MPU then came to site and did not need to spend additional time pulling and holding vacuum, but with its fast and modern pumps and heat exchangers was able to fill and process the transformer to the OEM’s satisfaction.