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EOS® Premium – Regenerated Transformer Oil


Building on our EOS “Closed Loop”-model we have developed EOS® Premium, a regenerated insulating oil meeting the requirements of IEC 60296:2020 – “Mineral insulating oils for electrical equipment”.

What does EOS® Premium do?

Use  EOS® Premium with confidence as part of your maintenance and refurbishment activities as an alternative to unused (new) insulating oil or any reclaimed transformer oils. It is ideally suited for switchgear oil changes, tap changer maintenance, transformer refurbishments, DBDS or PCB contaminated oil changes.


  • It is the green alternative to Unused Transformer Oil (UTO):

    • Recycle DON’T incinerate!

    • Offers full traceability

  • “As New” properties – meets requirements of IEC 60296:2020

  • Uninhibited or inhibited options available

  • Price stable and secure supply – when you supply the feedstock (Used Insulating Oil)

  • Stops a valuable resource being wasted.


Things to remember

EOS® Premium can be delivered in bulk road tankers, 205 litre steel drums, 25 litre containers or 1,000 litre IBCs.

EOS® Premium is pale straw in colour (maximum 1,5 using the ISO 2049 test method) due to the higher levels of natural anti-oxidants ensuring excellent oxidation stability (resistance to heat and oxygen in service) without the need for additives.

EOS® Premium has a “non-detectable” PCB content (< 2mg/kg) and is completely without additives unless you prefer the inhibited option.

Further information on EOS® Premium : 

Click on resources to view and download all information on EOS® Premium grade, certificates, datasheets and others.





Water content (mg/kg)

<30 (typically <10)

Breakdown voltage (kV)

>30 (typically >60kV)

Acidity (mgKOH/g)


Oxidation stability

<1.2 mgKOH/g total acidity < 0.8% sludge

PCB content (ppm)

Non detectable (< 2mg/kg)

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