EOSHIB is supplied as a 10% concentrate and can be used to retrospectively inhibit the existing in-service insulating oil in your high voltage transformer or EOSHIB can be used to replenish an inhibited insulating oil where the level of inhibitor in the oil has reduced over time due to ageing factors. Ideally the inhibitor concentration in the trnasformer should be maintained between 0.2 and 0.4%. For further guidance contact us.

Things to remember

Please note that these specialist transformer additives willonly be supplied by EOS as part of a package that includes a Mobile Processing Unit and specialist field service operators.

All mineral insulating oil used in the UK in high voltage transformers contains inhibitors, even if they are completely natural. An ‘uninhibited’ insulating oil contains sulphur and aromatics that ensures the oil has good oxidation stability characteristics over its service life.

If your transformer is designed to work in onerous conditions – poor ventilation and or high loading then you may wish to consider using an inhibited insulating oil. An inhibited oil will have a greater resistance to oxidation through heat and oxygen and will ensure the oil, and therefore the transformer, lasts longer.

Where Mobile Regeneration of in-service insulating oil has been carried out then EOSHIB will be added to the oil at the end to ensure the oil has fully restored oxidation stability.

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