Lint Free Wipes

Lint free wipes are fibre free, non-hygroscopic polypropylene cloths, ideal for wiping, oil handling, sampling and laboratory equipment.

How to use it

In an ideal situation you should use clean insulating oil for flushing and cleaning down internal surfaces of switchgear, tap changers etc. For cleaning breakdown voltage test cells and the outside of sampling thief tubes again, clean insulating oil is recommended.

Where dirt or contamination is stubborn and will not wash off with clean insulating oil EOS recommends the use of lint free wipes such as Kimtech.

These lint free wipes won’t absorb water (non-hygroscopic) as they are constructed from polypropylene. So, even if torn these lint free wipes will not lead to the formation of current carrying “bridges” between surfaces of differing potentials.

Things to remember

Paper towels, rags and chamois leathers all produce hygroscopic fibres that, when combined with water, can form current carrying “bridges” that may lead to flash overs.

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