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Reclaimed Uninhibited Insulating Oil


EOS has been producing Reclaimed Insulating Oil to BS148 for more than 60 years. This provides the electricity supply industry, and large industrial energy users, with a sustainable alternative to resource depletion caused by the consumption of unused oil from refiners. In doing so many millions of litres of used insulating oil have been kept within the “recycling loop” and not lost to burning or other single use applications.

What does it do?

Reclaimed insulating oil is used mainly for topping up transformers up to 132kV that have been in service for a number of years and for oil filled switchgear maintenance.


Things to remember

Reclaimed Insulating Oil can be delivered in bulk road tankers, 205 litre steel drums, 25 litre plastic containers or 1,000 litre IBCs by special request.

Remember, if you wish to purchase reclaimed insulating oil at the best possible price you should ensure you send back a similar quantity of used insulating oil as this becomes the feedstock for future supply of reclaimed insulating oil.

Reclaimed Insulating Oil is not water white, it is pale straw in colour and may contain up to 10ppm PCB due to the oil’s history. Neither of course will effect the oil’s performance in service.


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