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Unused Uninhibited Mineral Insulating Oil


EOS stores around 2 million litres of unused uninhibited mineral insulating oil, meeting the modern and exacting standard IEC 60296:2020, NGTS 3.3.1 and most other national and international standards.

What does it do?

Electrical Oil Services Ltd unused insulating oil is a pure mineral hydrocarbon oil, specially refined and blended from selected crudes to surpass the limiting values of the international standard specification and readily complies with all other user requirements.

This oil may be used where a transformer is to be filled for the first time and is covered under the warranty conditions of the transformer.

Where your transformer is operating at high temperatures due to heavy loading or poor ventilation then you may wish to consider the use of an Inhibited Mineral Insulating Oil – contact us to discuss.

If your transformer has been in service more than 5 years then you may consider the use of a recycled alternative for topping up such as EOS Reclaimed Insulating Oil to BS148:2009.


Things to remember

Unused uninhibited mineral insulating oil is subject to rigorous quality assurance and control from the moment it is delivered to the EOS Stanlow works. Modern, efficient degassing and drying equipment ensures final product quality falls well within the maximum limits specified in IEC 60296:2020.

Unused uninhibited mineral insulating oil can be supplied in bulk loads delivered in specialised, dedicated road tankers, or packed in 1.000 litres  intermediate bulk containers, 205 litre drums or 25 litre containers. For export, oil can be supplied in bulk shiploads; ISO tanks, flexi tanks or 205L drums packed in dry containers.

For use in power transformers we recommend the use of an EOS Mobile Processing Unit.


Safety Data Sheet


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