Hold On Site – Oil Flushed Tanker Hire

The EOS oil flushed tanker hire service is an ideal solution where Engineers need to examine the inside of a transformer, carry out internal tests/inspections/repairs.​

In order to facilitate maintenance or internal inspection of a power transformer it will sometimes be necessary to lower the oil level sufficiently to gain access to the top of a transformer. The utmost care should be taken to ensure the oil removed is not degraded to such an extent that returning it to the transformer will introduce water or contaminants that will affect the insulation and subsequent operation of the transformer.​​

It is quite common for still-serviceable oil to have to be removed from a transformer for a relatively short period. On these occasions, when there may be insufficient justification for sending the oil off site for reclamation, we offer a service of “Hold On Site (HOS) Tanker Hire”.

The Process

Our dedicated HOS tankers are fitted with dehydrating breathers, however for utmost peace of mind, it is recommended that the HOS stored oil is returned to the transformer using a Mobile Processing Unit (MPU). The MPU will help to ensure that any water or debris introduced whilst the transformer had been empty of oil is removed.

Whether it is a dedicated or commercially clean HOS tanker, you can rest assured in the knowledge that the tanker has been flushed with clean oil prior to its departure from the EOS Ellesmere Port works and will come with an oil test certificate.

Simply contact our Customer Services department to discuss your requirements. They will be able to arrange the service for you and pass on your details to an EOS Engineer, who will call to discuss the technicalities of the work, offer best advice and make a site visit where appropriate.

EOS HOS tankers are quality assured using in house testing facilities to ensure the tanker is flushed with clean oil and fit for purpose. It is this attention to detail, combined with your dedicated EOS Engineer who can oversee the work, give best advice and make a site visit, that makes the EOS HOS tanker service second to none.

If you require specialist guidance on the use of HOS tankers or MPUs, please contact a member of our customer service team.


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