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Used Insulating Oil Collection


Collection of used insulating oil is the first step in the regeneration or recycling link.

If you are an EOS reclaimed oil customer, you will be used to tankers or curtain-sided vehicles arriving on your site to collect used insulating oil from transformers and switchgear. This used oil or UTO, as it is generally known, then becomes the “feedstock” for the reclamation process, thus ensuring the recycling loop is properly closed.

It may be that you have a scrap transformer and the UTO will not be required to be reused as insulating oil by yourselves, in those cases do not send the oil to the scrap man. Instead, call EOS to arrange for collection and help ensure the future for recycled/regenerated insulating oil for years to come.

The Process

Whenever insulating oil is removed from a transformer (or oil-filled switch) into a tanker or designated UTO drum, then it becomes de facto used insulating oil. In the UK this oil is collected as a “hazardous waste”, but EOS is able to take care of the appropriate paperwork for this type of waste as part of our service.

We will guarantee to collect your used insulating oil within 5 working days. Each collection is given a unique collection number and we provide yellow UTO labels (see supporting document) for you to attach to drum(s). Completing this label is vitally important as everyone in the collection chain has a “Duty of Care” to know where the used oil has come from in case of any problems during the journey to Ellesmere Port or on arrival.

Used oil will be “credited” to your account to enable you to “call off” or purchase Regenerated Insulating Oil – in effect it becomes the feedstock for supply or Regenerated Insulating Oil to BS148:2009.

If you would like to find out more about the collection of insulation oil, or arrange collection, please contact a member of the EOS customer service team who can arrange for an EOS engineer to visit the site, and will be happy to cover the following areas:

  • Re-delivery of regenerated oil

  • Hold on site options

  • Mobile Processing Unit requirements (if applicable)


Can I return used oil in any container I have available?

Most definitely not. In order to minimize the risk of contamination of used oil our quality assurance procedures require that drums for collection of used oil are of a suitable type (either supplied originally containing electrical oil or as empties specifically for the return of UTO) and that drums are in a sound condition. EOS can advise on suitable containers.

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