New 205L Steel Drums

New 205L steel drums are used for the temporary storage (i.e. less than 1 day) of small quantities of insulating oil that has been removed from transformers or switchgear to facilitate servicing.

What does it do?

Guaranteed structurally-sound, new 205L steel drums are covered by the EOS Quality Control system and can be considered fit for storing insulating oil, although we suggest this being limited to short periods of time (less than 24 hours).

Things to remember

It is essential that, once delivered, new steel drums are stored in a suitable environment that prevents the formation of condensation – an indoor building with a stable and warm temperature is ideal. If new steel drums are stored in an environment that is colder than workplace temperature, there is an increased risk of condensation forming in the drum.

A robust and systematic quality control process should apply at all stages of oil transfer (e.g. storing oil to facilitate servicing of transformers or switchgear, decanting from a storage tank to a drum or bowser), and the procedure should include sampling, testing and visual assessment and be recorded in a log book for future audit purposes.

To maintain the utmost quality, we recommend returning used insulating oil to EOS for reclamation and using reclaimed insulating oil or unused insulating oil instead.

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