New 25 Litre Plastic Containers

New 25L plastic containers can be used for the return of used Insulating oil to EOS for reclamation, or where customers are decanting from a larger bulk storage point for ease of use at site.

How to use it

A robust and systematic quality control process should apply at all stages of oil transfer (e.g. decanting from a storage tank to a drum or bowser), and the procedure should include internal inspection, sampling, testing and visual assessment and be recorded in a log book for future audit purposes.

Things to remember

Where New 25L plastic containers are to be reused over a period of time, as well as adhering to the guidelines above, it is good practice to replace the Containers after 6-10 uses, or when the container becomes damaged or contaminated.

In order to ensure utmost quality, please use EOS reclaimed insulating oil or unused insulating oil, as these oils are covered by national and international standards, as well as EOS internal quality control testing.

Finally, remember that used insulating oil from transformers and switchgear should only be returned for reclamation in drums or containers that have only ever previously contained mineral insulating oil, or that have been purchased especially for the purpose (e.g. reconditioned drums).

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