Our specialist team has been supplying unused and reclaimed insulating oils for more than 60 years, together with on-site vacuum filling, reconditioning and regeneration of transformers and their insulation systems, we provide customers, both large and small, with a trusted solution when it comes to their insulating oil related needs.



Mobile Regeneration Service

Building on over 60 years experience of vacuum filling and processing transformers, the EOS quality assured in-situ regeneration service means for the first time you can treat the whole of the transformer insulation and not just the oil.


Off-Site Oil Storage

For large quantities of transformer oil that need to be removed or temporarily stored, EOS offers a fully integrated, quality assured off-site insulating oil storage and management service at our Ellesmere Port works, in Cheshire.


Used Insulating Oil Collection

EOS can collect used mineral insulating oil from transformers at your site, and recycle (reclaim) this otherwise waste oil. By using the collected used oil as feedstock EOS produces high quality reclaimed insulating oil to the exacting British Standards thus ensuring the future of recycled insulating oil for future generations.


Mobile Processing Units (MPU)

The EOS quality assured Mobile Processing Units (known as TransVacs) are state of the art, self contained vehicles specifically designed to meet the most exacting standards of transformer vacuum filling and treatment.


Hold On Site - Oil Flushed Tanker Hire

This quality assured service allows engineers to examine the inside of a transformer for inspection and repairs. Our experienced team ensure that any oil removed is returned to the transformer with little or no degradation.


TransTest - Oil Sample Testing

The TransTest service is supported by our highly experienced team of EOS electrical engineers who are on hand to offer on-site advice on sampling techniques, management of insulating oil, interpretation of test results and sampling frequency.


Nos prestations de service

Grâce à notre vaste expérience du recyclage, du stockage et de la fourniture d’huile isolante (également sur place), nos clients ont l’assurance de bénéficier d’une qualité de service et de standards de qualité de haut niveau.


Nos produits

Vous trouverez chez nous de l’huile isolante neuve ou recyclée ainsi que tout un ensemble de produits complémentaires fiables.


Nos employés s’investissent pleinement dans leur travail et se feront un plaisir de vous conseiller de manière ouverte, professionnelle et en toute honnêteté.