Recycling insulating oil

The customer was an aluminium company in North Wales

The Aluminium company had closed down leaving approx 150,000 litres of insulating oil within various transformers on site. The transformers needed to be scrapped but the customer realised the benefit in recovering the insulating oil so that it could be recycled and not be lost forever.

EOS Engineer went to site to make an initial assessment, normal practice is to have an overview discussion with the customer followed by a tour of the site. Photographs are taken, measurements made and any difficult access issues are noted.

Where the customer has no record of the oil’s PCB content then the EOS engineer can take samples at the same time and have results in a few days.

Following the site survey a plan was put in place where tankers would arrive at designated times to drain specific transformers. An EOS Engineer was on site to act as project manager and to ensure any problems were dealt with smoothly with little involvement from the customer.

The used insulating oil is removed from site under Hazardous Waste paperwork despite being transported to EOS at Ellesmere Port for reclamation and re-use as BS148:2009 Reclaimed insulating oil.